If you are an owner of a business where you do buying and selling, this software is developed just for you. Therefore from this specially designed software, your day to day buying and selling deals can be done most efficiently, by keeping all the transaction data securely and safely. From now on all your difficulties on handling the handbook system is eliminated where now you are a button click away from all the complicated data handling in your business's inventory management. Feel the difference.

Product Features

Feature Standard Professional
Manage Items
Manage Inventory Locations
1 Location
Manage Customers
Manage Suppliers
Recieve Goods
Invoice Goods
Manage Other Income
Manage Expenses
Sales and Purchases on Credit Basis
Manage Payments
Manage Cheque Details
Returning of Goods
Writeoff Items
Transfer Items
Manage Stock
Manage Users
2 Users
Basic Reports
Basic Reports + Special Reports
Database Backup
Shortcut Keys
Free Version Upgrades